Quietly Waging Psychic War

I’ve been busy today, busy with a number of things but most occupied with a concentration of thoughts.

I mediate every second… a part of my mind and my powerful being dedicated to the coming end of Israel and the end of Israeli terroristic Jew crime worldwide.

Their blood, their wealth and the spoils of their land will fertilize the world that a peace, freedom and harmony comes forth and their permanent absence from this earth guarantee its continuance through a very long next evolutionary step for humanity.

Join me in this picturization of a beautiful future. Use your own powerful being and send forth the imagery of this wonder.

Good Day To You, House Of Rot-Schild

Your mothers were swine, your wives are pregnant whores, your children are an infestation and your kind are a disease… cancer in the body of humanity.

The destruction of your kind and of the sewage plant called Israel will be the liberation of humanity from the most subversive slavery most people have ever succumbed to and yet been unaware of.

The destruction of your Jew filth and distribution of your wealth including billions you have extorted from several countries on the basis of your holo-caustic lies will unite humanity worldwide.

The ends of your filthy human shit bloodlines will be the undoing of all the murder and dissent… the hate between persons, states and nations that you have created for your profits and benefit and that would not have existed as such on its own.

Fuck Israel and all that it has wrought before and after its inception through the blackmailing and extortion of an American president.

Israel will fall.
Israel will fall.
Israel will fall.

WWIII… The One Against The World’s Only Common Enemy

WWIII will be the first war the Rothschild Jew pigs have not instigated, funded and made obscene profits from in modern times. WWIII will be the world against terrorist Israel and the cleansing of subversive Jew swine from all places by any means necessary.

A beautiful future awaits us following this badly needed error correction.

Rot-Schild “Red Sign”

Jacob and the whorehouse of “Rothschild” or should I say RedSign… your days are numbered and the largesse of this world which you think you own is going to destroy you and destroy Israel after which all of your wealth and resources will be distributed to right your wrongs, not the least of which would be the money you have extorted from several countries as reparations for things that did not happen as you say they did it just didn’t happen at all.

Your 6 million holocaust lie is going to get your fat Jew pig asses fried.

The world is tired of being fucked over and I can’t wait to see Palestine set Israel on fire until there isn’t one piece of it left.

Israel pounds Gaza for a fifth day:

Hundreds march near Times Square calling for end …:

Gazans stock up on food during truce:

Gaza truce extension called off: Fuck Israel… they must be destroyed

Gaza town in ruins after devastating Israeli atta…: