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What it comes down to is that the white political and government systems are failing.

As I’ve previously posted, changes are eminent.

What we’re seeing now and will see for a time to come is the twitching of an almost dead entity that’s clinging to life while it finishes…

Man… seriously? Did you fuckin’ read what the fuck I wrote? If you don’t understand it then why don’t you ask me a question… I’d be happy to answer.

Fuckin’ christ man. This happens constantly when I post something and it’s either a HUGE misunderstanding of my words, commentary from the base of willful ignorance, flaming stupidity, any combination of or all three.

Government Crimes Against Us

Understand that government in any place in the U.S. has always fucked with citizens because they could and because there have always been covert motivations.

America is a pig in a dress and has been from the beginning… just look at the history of our laws and government and all of their inherent, unchecked corruption.

It doesn’t mean shit when a court finally rules in favor of right AFTER its criminal minions have made all of their profits on the crimes and the innocent people have been wronged, hurt, killed or all of the above.

Keep in mind that the increase in all forms of corruption stem from the systems being broken and obsolete as well as the knowledge that not only are they going out of business soon and WE will win but that there is eminent collapse of the U.S. dollar nigh upon us.

It’s really going to suck in some ways from now until the end of transition but the life that’s on the other side of this American corpse is a great one.

Good people… the truly best among us will build a new reality and despite the age old struggles and frictions of humanity, things are going to be a whole lot different.

"… that the brotherhood of man will become a reality…" -MLK